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I read every comment and reply to all, which at this time is genuinely easy because no ones bothered to write.

Have fun!


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  • Sophie (Friday, September 05 14 04:50 pm BST)

    This is so good! Got my CDs yesterday.
    Thank you
    Can I email direct? x

  • chris (Thursday, May 01 14 07:48 pm BST)

    Where is the latest album?

  • Indie (Tuesday, April 01 14 11:35 am BST)

    Good!! post away.

  • Gabriella (Monday, March 31 14 12:41 pm BST)

    quality post, I’m sharing it on FB!

  • Indie (Tuesday, March 11 14 03:33 pm GMT)


  • (Thursday, January 09 14 07:16 am GMT)

    By Series III, and the introduction of Kryten as a main character, a bigger shuttle was needed and Blue Midget faded into the background, only featuring in two episodes of Series III and not showing
    up at all again until Series VIII.

  • MM (Monday, December 23 13 04:38 pm GMT)

    Thanks for your response. Good work!
    Have a good one.

  • K1 (Monday, December 23 13 09:55 am GMT)

    Happy Xmas Midget

  • Crumble (Monday, December 16 13 02:08 pm GMT)

    You are nutter boi!

  • Morris Shield (Monday, December 16 13 10:12 am GMT)

    Big up Tall blue midget, seriously thanks for chatting - love the track. Keep it up.

  • H P (Friday, December 13 13 10:10 am GMT)

    Thanks for the album, love it!
    Can't wait for Pussy Cat Kiss. So impressed.

  • Tina Loveday (Thursday, November 14 13 11:22 am GMT)

    Mental music, you're mental. This site is crazy but you are cute! TL

  • New Arrival Corsets (Thursday, September 05 13 03:34 am BST)

    Blue Midget[10] is a type of shuttle which Red Dwarf carries. Its fuselage resembles that of a Chinook helicopter, although it also has features of a truck or tank (as it features caterpillar tracks
    and a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Space Ship is a Red Dwarf"), and its cockpit can hold a maximum of four people. Blue Midget was the only shuttlecraft used for Series II, and it was used as
    the background for the Red Dwarf Series II DVD cover.

  • Snabby (Friday, June 22 12 12:29 pm BST)

    OMFG - the depths of confoundment go deeper than I thought - wot the hell happened in 2004????

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