Welcome, dear friends. This could be the beginning of a meaningful relationship, you never know! If you want to give it a shot and me a shout, you have 160 characters to say something naughty....serene and subversive.


I read every comment and reply to all, which at this time is genuinely easy because no ones bothered to write.

Have fun!


I'd love to hear from one and all, but not you....I mean look at your hair!


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  • TallBlueMidget (Tuesday, April 28 15 04:40 pm BST)

    Hey Travis, appreciate your message. Thanks for that advice. Others have listened, continue to listen etc. Some like it, some hate it. I honestly just make music that I would like to listen to. You
    can drop me an email if you'd like and I can send you a whole heap of free MP3's if you're genuinely interested. Obviously you can download most of it from here if you wish. Where you from and
    suggest a name as I could start a "side Project".

  • Travis (Tuesday, April 28 15 09:17 am BST)

    My friend, thanks for the poetic reply! but my question to you was, has family and friends listen to your music? I take it they haven't or they do not even know you sit in your room in the evening
    performing such workmanship. I suggest that you take the opportunity to sit with them all and engage there opinions? only then you will have a true reflection on what you are producing is of any
    quality. I don't want to come across as being a hater of your work and i see that i may have done by my previous comments and i apologise for this. But if this is a passion of yours, as i guess it
    is? i would love to see you push it into the mainstream more by visiting local venues to advised your music on your behalf. I'm not to sure what to call you as Tallbluemidget doesn't really roll of
    the tongue, but good luck in your future adventures and i will keep an ear out in my gym hoping to hear one of your tunes one day!

  • TallBlueMidget (Monday, April 27 15 04:14 pm BST)

    Hey Travis, I know right! I am pathetic. It's more an invitation really. So if people wish to listen, support etc they can. Like you, many choose not to but that's cool. You can't please all the
    people all the time. Anyway, don't tell anyone but I'm a meek little fella who only has interest for the academic. I'd love nothing more than to be able to curl up with the works of Jean Paul Satre
    and reflect but the damned alter ego that manifests itself within me, takes over and I have to make music that people don't appreciate. What kind of music would you like to hear, whose your favourite
    band etc I mean? If I'm annoying you too much on Twitter, delete me!

  • (Monday, April 27 15 04:02 pm BST)

    The only thing i can see keeping you captivated lately, is asking complete strangers on Twitter to listen to your tunes! and might i add with no success. May i ask, has your family/Partner (if you
    have one) and friends ever listened? I'm doubting they have, as i assume this is an alter ego created by someone who is quite the oppposite to what they are portraying?

  • tallbluemidget (Saturday, April 25 15 08:14 pm BST)

    Travis! How you been my friend. Happy Easter and all that. A little bit belated but nevermind. Hope you're well. Been a bit quiet lately, I've been captivated by Vikings! Great show. If you've missed
    it, take a look. Well worth it!

  • Travis (Thursday, January 22 15 12:42 pm GMT)

    I'd love to hear from one and all, but not you....I mean look at your hair! Take a look in the mirror, the mo hawke doesn't do you any favours #twat

  • Travis (Thursday, January 22 15 12:39 pm GMT)

    delete delete delete delete delete

  • Sophie (Friday, September 05 14 04:50 pm BST)

    This is so good! Got my CDs yesterday.
    Thank you
    Can I email direct? x

  • chris (Thursday, May 01 14 07:48 pm BST)

    Where is the latest album?

  • Indie (Tuesday, April 01 14 11:35 am BST)

    Good!! post away.

  • Gabriella (Monday, March 31 14 12:41 pm BST)

    quality post, I’m sharing it on FB!

  • Indie (Tuesday, March 11 14 03:33 pm GMT)


  • (Thursday, January 09 14 07:16 am GMT)

    By Series III, and the introduction of Kryten as a main character, a bigger shuttle was needed and Blue Midget faded into the background, only featuring in two episodes of Series III and not showing
    up at all again until Series VIII.

  • MM (Monday, December 23 13 04:38 pm GMT)

    Thanks for your response. Good work!
    Have a good one.

  • K1 (Monday, December 23 13 09:55 am GMT)

    Happy Xmas Midget

  • Crumble (Monday, December 16 13 02:08 pm GMT)

    You are nutter boi!

  • Morris Shield (Monday, December 16 13 10:12 am GMT)

    Big up Tall blue midget, seriously thanks for chatting - love the track. Keep it up.

  • H P (Friday, December 13 13 10:10 am GMT)

    Thanks for the album, love it!
    Can't wait for Pussy Cat Kiss. So impressed.

  • Tina Loveday (Thursday, November 14 13 11:22 am GMT)

    Mental music, you're mental. This site is crazy but you are cute! TL

  • New Arrival Corsets (Thursday, September 05 13 03:34 am BST)

    Blue Midget[10] is a type of shuttle which Red Dwarf carries. Its fuselage resembles that of a Chinook helicopter, although it also has features of a truck or tank (as it features caterpillar tracks
    and a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Space Ship is a Red Dwarf"), and its cockpit can hold a maximum of four people. Blue Midget was the only shuttlecraft used for Series II, and it was used as
    the background for the Red Dwarf Series II DVD cover.

  • Snabby (Friday, June 22 12 12:29 pm BST)

    OMFG - the depths of confoundment go deeper than I thought - wot the hell happened in 2004????

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