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Butt Butt Butt - I Squat - Tall Blue Midget - Bring The Sweat
Free Download of the inspirational Gym track for lifting, squatting and all things sweat infused.
Butt Butt Butt - I Squat!.mp3
MP3 audio file [15.1 MB]
Cardio Time - Tall Blue Midget - Bring The Sweat
Free Download from the album Bring The Sweat. For all your Gym motivation. Play loud, play it in the gym, play it while you run. It's Cardio Time!
Cardio Time.mp3
MP3 audio file [11.8 MB]
Chest Day Tuesday - Tall Blue Midget - Bring The Sweat
Chest Day Tuesday, Incline, Bench, Flys - It's Chest Day Tuesday!
Chest Day Tuesday.mp3
MP3 audio file [15.8 MB]
Improved Eating Habits - Tall Blue Midget - Bring The Sweat
For inspirational Improved Eating Habits!
Improved Eating Habits.mp3
MP3 audio file [6.6 MB]
Train Like Cutler - Tall Blue Midget - Bring The Sweat
Inspired by Jay Cutler, get the shape - Bring The Sweat
Train Like Cutler.mp3
MP3 audio file [12.8 MB]
Ode To Elf - Tall Blue Midget
MP3 audio file [11.2 MB]
Free Download, Free to you, Free to share
Love It Ain't The Same - Pussy Cat Kiss [...]
MP3 audio file [5.3 MB]
Curse The Internet
Curse The Internet.mp3
MP3 audio file [5.1 MB]
Connect With Me
Download for free, tell me you loves it innit
Connect With Me.mp3
MP3 audio file [7.2 MB]
E To Heart - Early Edit
MP3 audio file [5.6 MB]
Name it
MP3 audio file [2.3 MB]

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  • Louise N (Friday, January 17 14 11:45 am GMT)

    Why is this free?

  • Jules (Thursday, January 16 14 09:47 am GMT)

    HAHAHA the elf song is really good. Love it!

  • Chloe Mortimer (Monday, December 16 13 10:00 am GMT)

    Sweet! The Death Of Proincess Lovely is sooooooo good. Thanks for the swigned CD. Love it.
    People check this one out. Chloe Mortimer

  • Matt Hayle (Friday, December 13 13 05:25 pm GMT)

    Love it Ain't the same, good rhythm. Can you send me the MP3 please?
    I downloaded Oogonium Lick album other day. It is really different, I gave it to my mate to mix it. If it's any good, will let you hear it.

  • Melvin Timler (Wednesday, December 11 13 10:29 pm GMT)

    This is sweet as a nut!

  • Liam Templer (Wednesday, December 04 13 04:29 pm GMT)

    Just downloaded Sentimental Lovers, really good album. It's got loads of tracks that don't even appear on the first release. Gotta say well worth it, really surprised. I'm telling all my pals about
    you. Keep it up....gonna get the new one next month. You've got my email, let me know when it's out. Nice one mate, Liam

  • Franz Milko (Friday, November 29 13 12:22 pm GMT)

    Hey Midget, can I email you and you send me these please?

  • Moira V (Friday, November 29 13 12:21 pm GMT)

    You're insane!

  • Denzel P (Friday, November 29 13 12:20 pm GMT)

    Love it - love it ain't the same....wasn't expecting the middle part. Really good. When is it on Itunes?

  • Evening Dresses (Thursday, November 28 13 01:37 am GMT)

    By Series III, and the introduction of Kryten as a main character, a bigger shuttle was needed and Blue Midget faded into the background, only featuring in two episodes of Series III and not showing
    up at all again until Series VIII.

  • Jerry Payne (Thursday, November 14 13 11:20 am GMT)

    E to Heart, not sure which version I prefer man, still interesting keep it up JP

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